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Energypac IT division is a part of renowned Energypac Engineering Limited which is the leading power engineering company in Bangladesh. Operating for more than 30 years, the company has been manufacturing products of all aspects of the power industry (Power products, power system, engineering procurement and installation etc.) through its sophisticated production facilities thus achieving great respect in the power industry, both locally and internationally. With an extensive distribution system, the company has administrative offices both locally (Chattagram, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet and Bogra) and internationally (India, Nepal, Italy, UK, Phillipines, Vietnam, South Africa, Nigeria and China). Energypac Engineering has achieved various standard quality certificates including ISO 9000:2008 and ISO 14001:2011, along with testing lab certificates of ISO 17025.

Energypac IT is continually working and improving the efficiency of Energypac Engineering Limited by providing IT solution for users such as Zimbra Mail, Online IT support, Kaspersky Endpoint Security etc. Few major projects are undergoing like Data Connectivity establishment, Local Data Centre setup, Disaster Recovery setup, Active Directory implementation, File Storage implementation, Online IT materials requisition etc.

Message from HoD

As Head of Energypac IT Division, I am very pleased at the moment of ‘Energypac IT website’ launch for the users. The activities of IT Division will be captured in this website regularly and website development works to be continued accordingly.

We have done lots of significant works so far like IT Internship, Develop IT Organization, IT inventory lists update, IT Processes, Support infrastructure works i.e. all offices Internet bandwidth upgradation, Zimbra email server RAM upgrade, Storage Upgrade, 80 ft tower installation at Kabirpur etc. Also new offices Internet setup done include factory premises in different wings.

Another news, we have also launched ‘Online IT support system’ for Internal users to raise their problem, issues via software usage. The users will have the full visibility of their problem status progress in the tool. Email notifications will be inclusive with the status update also. IT support performance will be monitored and measured through this tool from admin panel.

Also we are working for another Software development of ‘Online IT Materials requisition’ which is now paper based. Users will use this software tool for the required IT materials requisition whenever need. All the necessary approvals will be done via this tool whenever it’s implement, approximate timeline in Q4, 2018.

In short, Our objective is IT Modernization as well as paperless as much possible. Smart technology is the key area from IT Division.

We are also going to implement ‘Kaspersky End Point Security’ for all users machines laptop, desktop throughout the organization in different offices at the same time, timeline mid-July, 2018. We have bought 3 years license in this regard.

Furthermore, IT Division is working to setup ‘EnergyPac Local Data Center’ in Energy Center as well as it’s ‘Disaster Recovery’ in Factory premise. All the Software’s running in the company will be integrated to this and regular backup will be taken through automation of the script.

‘Active Directory’ will be implemented for centralized IT. Data connectivity among all offices will be implemented for smooth operations of Active Directory. Overseas offices IT will be incorporated to Data Center also.

‘File Storage’ Implementation will be done for all departments to preserve the official important documents in the data center which is the key of information security for the company.

In near future, Plan is to sell this Data Center Storages for local clients in the market and so on.


Achievements :

- Establishment of structured IT Organization
- Define Job Description for all roles of IT Division
- Establishment of IT Process and Policies
- Established Online IT Support System
- Established Online IT Materials Requisitions through ERP
- Internet bandwidth upgrade in all offices & Data connectivity establishment
- End Point Security (Kaspersky) installed in all machines, license for 3 years (HW’s security etc.)
- IT website establishment
- Barracuda email (Inbound and Outbound ) security implement
- Established Zimbra email server new infrastructure, users email migration, Security certificate
- ERP penetration, usage rate 100%. Issues follow up and governance with supplier
- ISP Suppliers cost reduction & Service agreement setup with all suppliers
- Purchase and deploy Original Microsoft License for IT users

Next :

- ‘Data Security’ – for all users and the company i.e. Data Center setup
- Remote ERP Server setup in local premise (Costs savings plus speed etc.))
- ERP Software upgrade
- Re build of Energypac Domain website along with marketing
- CRM Software for private sales, R & D
- Purchase and deploy of Original Microsoft office applications
- Purchase of others original software's for construction, design, R & D etc.

Future : IT Business

- Server & Storage sale through Data Center
- IT Training center
- Reseller (HW SW)
- SW development
- Others


Running Projects

Upcoming Projects

Team Members

Engr. Md. Mohin Habib
Head Of IT Division
Md. Atiqur Rahman
Asst. Manager
Md. Kamruzzaman Kadre
Asst. Manager
Md. Rashedul Haque
Sr. Executive
Engr. Md Fahmid Wasif
Sr. Executive
Md. Sadiqur Rahman
Md Nafiul Ebney Amin Likhon
Md. Tamim Ahmed
Afroja Akter
Md. Shaon Mia
Md. Aminul Islam
Md. Shah Alom
Jagadish Chandra Barman
Md. Emran Hossain
Md. Tonmoy Ahmed Sabbir